NoteBook WordPress Theme

NoteBook WordPress Theme

NoteBook WordPress theme comes with a nice homepage layout that comes with many useful features specifically picked for a multimedia theme. The theme is suitable for anyone with any taste, as it is totally flexible in functionality and customizability. NoteBook theme will perform perfectly and lovely to meet your demands and please visitors who come to your site to enjoy your content. This is a smart choice for a cool and modern feature-rich multimedia blog.

The homepage of NoteBook is a breakthrough in WordPress blog layouts. The content will display as separate items in a specific icon located neatly and pleasantly over a designated area. The icons and animations are up to modern taste and beautifully designed. The animations in the theme come with CSS3, guaranteeing smoothness and softness in every movement. The background of the theme is totally flexible and up to your choice. You can choose your own set of colors and textures from unlimited schemes offered by Elegant Themes within this theme package.

Multimedia Theme

Besides, as mentioned above, NoteBook theme is a multimedia theme that allows you to upload various kinds of items. You can upload videos, audios, photos and articles without making your site look messy or crammed with content. The theme also has a menu bar and you can edit it to give your visitors maximum comfort and ease in browsing your site.

You can adjust the organization and some other settings of this theme with the ePanel provided by Elegant Themes as a powerful admin dashboard in their theme products. ePanel is a special feature of the theme as it allows you to change colors, fonts, displays, organization, SEO and so on within simple clicks.

NoteBook Theme shortcodes

The theme also has many cool shortcodes and page templates to help you avoid the trouble of adjusting your multimedia site manually with web codes. Furthermore, NoteBook theme is totally responsive, which means the theme will appear beautiful and professional on any kind of device. No matter whether it is mobile phone, tablet, or computer, visitors will have no difficulty reaching your website and reading the content, as the content is always automatically rearranged to fit the screen perfectly.

NoteBook WordPress theme offers excellent features that will turn your site into an awesome place of recreation. You have some cool multimedia stuff that you want to share to people and find someone who shares the same interest? You want to post videos, photos, audios and articles on one single blog and it still looks neat and well-organized? This theme is the best solution!

Notebook WordPress Theme

NoteBook WordPress Theme Features:

  • Complete Localization
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Font Customizer
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Page Templates
  • Secure & Valid Codes
  • Perpetual Updates
  • Shortcodes
  • Multimedia Integration
  • Theme Options

Price: $89 for 90+ themes and plugins

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NoteBook will please your demands and turn your site into a sweet place of recreation. NoteBook has beautiful design with amazing functionality.
User Rating: 4.5 ( 17 votes)

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