Top 10 reasons to choose Elegant Themes

Are you looking for best WordPress Themes that look amazing, great performance as well as SEO friendly? I’m showing you in detailed of Elegant Themes collection.

Elegant Themes have more than 500,591 customers which are the most empowered WordPress Community On The Web. The themes are fully responsive to display perfectly on any mobile devices. They have lightweight code to make your website run fast and smoothly.

I’m myself using Divi WordPress Theme which is one of the best WordPress Themes. I use Divi theme not only for this blog website but also for other ecommerce, portfolio and business websites. It’s just easy to customise for other purpose websites. I’m writing this Elegant Themes review because I have experiences on using their themes for long time and I feel most comfortable using them comparing to other WordPress themes out there.

If you buy a theme somewhere in a WordPress themes market place, you may face the issue about the theme author no longer supports that theme and then you struggle with technical issue without any help from the author. No worries about that issue with the themes, one more plus point for Elegant Themes is about the support team. They have fast and responsible support team as well as the live chat to resolve any issue.

Check out the list of reasons why you should choose Elegant Themes for your website:

  1. Reliability
  2. Lightweight
  3. Mobile Responsive
  4. Security
  5. SEO-Friendly
  6. Documentation
  7. Youtube Tutorials
  8. Easy to use with Drag and Drop
  9. Pay one, get all themes
  10. Plenty of showcase websites

1. Reliability

Elegant Themes empowered over 500,591 users which is the best WordPress Themes community on the web. It’s important to join a high reliability community so that they can share with you a lot of experiences as well as resolve any issues about Elegant Themes. Live chat is the great feature to bring amazing experience to user. You can get the answer quickly for your query instead of waiting for a response from someone in forum.

You can find how friendly the live chat and community forum look like as below:

Community support and live chat
Community support and live chat

If you buy WordPress Themes from a themes market place, you may face below issue as I used to

removed wordpress theme
removed wordpress themes

After that, I started facing technical issues but I couldn’t seek any support from author or community. I decided to buy Divi WordPress Theme to setup again for my website and I’m happy with the fast responses from their support team as well as the amazing community.

2. Elegant Themes Lightweight

Elegant Themes introduces lightweight WordPress Themes which are developed with mindset to not included too many complex codes that can slow down your website. You can see the performance in GTmetrix of my website which’s using Divi WordPress Theme.

Best WordPress Themes
Best WordPress Themes

3. Mobile Responsive

Most of WordPress Themes here are fully responsive to make you websites look perfectly on mobile devices. There are many ways to test your website in mobile view and the Themes also provided Mobile Customizer Settings to adjust the mobile view of your site.

customizer mobile
customizer mobile

4. Elegant Themes Security

Nowaday WordPress sites become recent target for hackers to attack so that security is the serious factor that you need to consider to improve for your site. There are some plugins in market that can help you to take care of security of your site such as wordfenceAll in One WP SecuritySucuri SecurityBulletProof Security. However, installing more plugins which means slowing down your website. I would prefer to secure my site by the behaviour of managing the site and the security of WordPress Theme. Elegant Themes always considers security as an extremely important factor for their customer.

Although Elegant Themes fully trust their developers and practice their secure encryption, they still want the code to be regularly audited by third-party security experts to ensure that there are no Serious problems slipping through cracks.
Elegant Themes has approached Sucuri to conduct in-depth audits on one of their latest themes, Divi WordPress Theme, and along with the ePanel code set, the ShortCodes Collection and Page Templates in entire Elegant Themes collection. Sucuri has checked every single line of code in Divi WordPress Theme and in the end, zero critical problem was found.

WordPress Themes security
WordPress Themes security

Even you have the best secure WordPress Theme in the world, don’t forget to have essential behaviours to protect your websites:

– Use Strong Usernames and Passwords
– Secure Your Login Screen : use captchas, limit login attempts within a specific perid of time
– Understand File and Folder Permissions
– Frequently Backup
– Keep WordPress, theme, plugins up to Date

5. SEO Friendly

Elegant Themes comes with the theme control panel which includes SEO tab that allows you to set up custom SEO for your single post page, homepage, and index page. You are free to set up custom description, titles, canonical URL’s, keywords, custom fields, and more. You can control any fields you want to improve on page SEO for your website.

SEO control panel
SEO control panel

You would suggest you to install powerful SEO plugins to such as Yoast SEO Plugin , All in One SEOAll In One Schema , etc .

6. Elegant Themes Documentation

We provide list of documentations to help you to setup, customise and improve performance of the WordPress theme.

Elegant Themes Document
Elegant Themes Document

7. Youtube Tutorials

Lazy to read line by line the above documentations? Elegant Themes prepared 70 videos tutorials for Divi WordPress Theme and many of videos for other themes on their Youtube Channel. Those video tutorials cover most of the topics of Elegant Themes.

Divi WordPress Theme videos
Divi WordPress Theme videos

8. Easy to use with Drag and Drop

Elegant Themes built the Visual page builder which allows user to drag and drop content blocks to website. This page builder has 46 contents modules to design your website easily in the way you want.

Drag and Drop
Drag and Drop

9. Pay one, get all Elegant Themes

Join the community of 500,591 customers with the yearly or life time packages. Get all premium WordPress themes and plugins to build your websites faster and easier.

ElegantThemes Packages
ElegantThemes Packages

10. Elegant Themes showcases

Divi Elegant Flexible WordPress Theme:

Divi Elegant Flexible WordPress Theme
Divi WordPress Themes showcase
Divi WordPress Themes showcase

Price: $89 (Buy Now | View Demo | Read Review)

Extra WordPress Theme:

Extra WordPress Theme By Elegant Themes
Extra WordPress Theme showcase
Extra WordPress Theme showcase

Price: $69 (Buy Now | View Demo | Read Review)

Harmony WordPress Theme:

Harmony WordPress Theme By Elegant Themes
Harmony WordPress Theme showcase
Harmony WordPress Theme showcase

Price: $69 (Buy Now | View Demo | Read Review)

Nimble WordPress Theme:

Nimble WordPress Theme By Elegant Themes
Nimble WordPress Theme showcase
Nimble WordPress Theme showcase

Price: $69 (Buy Now | View Demo | Read Review)

Best WordPress Themes 2018
Elegant Themes provides Best WordPress Themes for multi purposes websites. Let's review the highlight features of Elegant Themes with live demos.
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