X Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

X Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

X WordPress Theme includes multiple distinctive designs inside of just one powerful theme, and we reference these designs since “Stacks.” There are four Stacks for sale in X WordPress Theme, with read more about the way. This’s like buying 1 theme and constantly getting access to new styles all the time! The links below take you to the primary demo for every Stack, however we now have created multiple distinctive demos for each and every Stack so be sure to check them all out.

Within the X ecosystem, Extensions are comprised of plugins built by the staff to work seamlessly with X WordPress Theme, as well since third party extensions by developers we’ve partnered with to bring you great features that individuals’ve integrated tightly to the theme.

X WordPress Theme was built after the input of industry-leading experts. We consulted a number of people and asked these what sort of features they wished to see in the theme from an SEO standpoint, design, feature-set, et cetera, and constructed their suggestions directly into the theme.

Being on the particular cutting edge associated with WordPress development is one thing we wanted to accomplish from the start. Because of that, we made certain we avoided the use of clunky additional admin panels and rather, opted to use the native WordPress Customizer (or rather, our souped up version of the WordPress Customizer).

If you are looking for a simple, visual way to build complex layouts with our Shortcodes, now you can! We possess integrated a custom-made version of Visual Composer into X WordPress Theme to use with this own Shortcodes (integrated as a independent plugin).

The web is first as well as foremost a typographical medium. Because of that, we wanted to ensure the level regarding control over your site’s type was unmatched in any some other WordPress theme on the marketplace.

The bread and also butter of worthwhile theme. Shortcodes enable you to become an electrical user and acquire your site in order to new heights. However you are only as awesome as what you’re provided with inside your theme.

Employ dozens of routing options including placement, height, centering, integrated search, and much more. The sky may be the limit!

Looking to display lots of articles? Megamenus provide you with a creatively engaging way to prepare complex navigation layouts.

Our optional search functionality takes the original search form in to the 21st century together with clean styling and ease of use (it’s slick).

Easily create one page navigation with X in your homepage or throughout multiple pages to generate unique and interesting layouts for these potential customers.

Easily transform your own WordPress website into a full fledged eCommerce storefront with the click of a computer mouse (and for absolutely no additional cost). The X WordPress theme is fully incorporated with the WooCommerce plugin for many who need it; nonetheless, if you don’t need an eCommerce feature on your internet site there will be no additional impact on your site’s performance. X WordPress Theme is one of the Best WordPress Themes 2017

X WordPress Theme

X WordPress Theme

Theme Features:

  • Stack selection (Integrity, Renew, or Icon)
  • Site layout (fullwidth or boxed)
  • Site max-width (in pixels)
  • Site width (in percentage)
  • Content layout
  • Background color, pattern, image, and image fade
  • Countless Stack-specific options
  • Enable custom fonts and their subsets if desired
  • Body font, color, size (base and content area), and weight
  • Link color and link color hover
  • Button style (3D, flat, or transparent)
  • Button shape (square, rounded, or pill)
  • Button size
  • Header position
  • Logo and navigation layout (inline or stacked)
  • Enable or disable Navbar Search
  • Navbar top height (in pixels)
  • Navbar side width (in pixels)
  • Logo upload
  • Make logo retina ready
  • Header widget areas (one, two, three, or four)
  • Header widget area button color
  • Header widget area button color hover
  • Enable or disable topbar
  • Enable or disable breadcrumbs
  • Enable or disable top footer area)
  • Footer widget areas
  • Bottom footer content
  • Enable or disable the Scroll Top Anchor
  • Update blog style
  • Update blog layout
  • Update archive style
  • Update archive layout
  • Enable or disable post meta
  • Enable the excerpt or full post content on your index page
  • Custom URL slug for your portoflio items
  • Enable cropped featured images
  • Enable or disable portfolio item meta
  • Custom portfolio tag list title
  • Custom portfolio project title
  • Custom portfolio project button text
  • Enable or disable social sharing links on portfolio items
  • Manage and preview your bbPress setup
  • Update bbPress layout
  • Enable or disable bbPress Navbar Menu
  • Manage and preview your BuddyPress setup
  • Update BuddyPress layout
  • Enable or disable BuddyPress Navbar Menu
  • Custom BuddyPress component titles
  • Custom BuddyPress component subtitles (in applicable Stacks)
  • Manage and preview your WooCommerce shop
  • Update shop layout
  • Select product columns
  • Posts per page for the shop
  • Enable or disable various product tabs with ease
  • Enable or disable Related Products
  • Enable or disable Upsells
  • Enable or disable Cross Sells
  • Adjust WooCommerce widget image alignment
  • Profiles for social networks
  • Site icons
  • Input custom CSS
  • Input custom JavaScript
  • Manage all of your widgetized areas
  • And so much more!

Price: $63

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X WordPress Theme is a creative and completely responsive WordPress Theme best for portfolio, business, photography and other purpose websites.
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