Vertex WordPress Theme By Elegent Themes

Vertex WordPress Theme By Elegent Themes

Vertex WordPress theme

Vertex WordPress Theme is a sensational theme built for providers that are looking to showcase their equally stunning products. The climb down from the Vertex is long, but as you descend you are met with animated content that is built for scrolling beautifully. The homepages gives you an opportunity to engage these potential customers and tell your story through galleries, sliders, team and testimonials member bios. At both vertex and the summit, you are met with a definite proactive approach that is made for conversions. Vertex WordPress Theme sweats the tiny stuff, and each component has been made with meticulous detail. The theme is responsive, so that it will display on all devices beautifully. The theme includes some very nice color and font custmization options also, as well as custom header images, which makes it easy for one to make Vertex their own.

Featuring extremely flexible design and page loading, Vertex WordPress theme is a valuable addition to the Elegant Themes package and delivers top quality performance. It features plenty of features that are useful for business portfolios and professional blogs as well as good-looking Blog and Portfolio sections.

Despite being on the minimal side,Vertex WordPress theme features excellent elements here and there to catch your attention. First there is a Team page dedicated to presenting the profiles of your team or company members in a clear and meaningful way, especially with the animated skill percentage bars for each member. As you scroll down the page to see more profiles, the bar starts filling up from left to right until a specific level. This is a nice simple effect that is quite eye-catching as well.

The homepage section of  Vertex WordPress theme looks classy and is totally dynamic, especially with the smooth parallax scrolling effect.There are different content sections to be used and you can also disable unwanted features. For the top header section, you can add any background image, which will then become the title section for every page. Certainly, it’s possible to change the text for each section using the custom header bar. You can find out the amazing homepage editor in Bazar Shop WordPress Theme.

The menu bar is another good part of Vertex WordPress theme as it allows choice of color styles and is coded with static mode, which means the bar is visible all the time even when we scroll up or down the pages. Those who are looking to set up their portfolio will get the most out of Vertex WordPress theme. You will love how the projects are presented as Tiles in the Project section, which is one of the inspirational touches in this template. Moreover, when you hover on any tile, the project title and date will be displayed.

As expected from a theme aimed at blogging, Vertex’s Blog page displays the posts clearly and attractively. Every featured entry comes with an author image in a round shape, just beside the title and date of posting. Although the side is minimal, there’s no problem with site navigation. However, you will not find advanced features such as side text or ad space. A Blog entry page contains a panoramic image as with other pages on the site, an abundance of space for writing as well as a handy comment section at the bottom. Other useful features of Vertex WordPress theme include an Advanced Search template, an innovative Testimonials section and many more.

Although it does not allow anything too fancy, Vertex WordPress theme has a certain charm and you can see many uses for it as a blog or artwork gallery site. It’s got little touches here and there that make it a great choice for such purposes!

Vertex WordPress Theme uses coding guidelines to ensure that it is fast and secure. Vertex WordPress Theme is W3C compliant and undergo frequent security audits. Vertex guarantees an even of quality not within free themes.

We ensure that Vertex WordPress Theme works with popular internet browsers. It’s important that your website performs well for everybody who visits it.

Vertex WordPress Theme has been localized for easy translation. Incorporated with each theme are sets of .mo and .po files you can use to translate the theme, therefore you won’t have to invest hours editing PHP files.

Your website will display beautifully and intuitively on all devices Now. Vertex WordPress Theme uses CSS media queries to trigger different layout sets at various screen sizes. No more how about to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your cellular phone. If you have been searching for a simple and professional layout that is also Tablet and Mobile friendly, vertex is certainly the theme for you then.

Vertex WordPress Theme has a homepage Post Slider with an image that slides up from bottom to top. Our demo uses beautiful transparent png images to make use of its functionality in the simplest way possible. With these 8 free slider templates you can create sized png images for the Vertex Theme slider perfectly. Check out a few examples below created from these download and templates the PSD package to begin with!

In the event that you fill the whole PSD canvas with a graphic, you shall get an image that touches down to underneath of the slider. This template gives you to make a floating image in the area next to your post title and excerpt.

The image stack comprises of two overlapping images that touch right down to the bottom of the slider, ideal for showing off several image at a right time.

If you’re looking to concentrate on a particular part of a graphic, but want to hint at the entire thing still, this is a superb template for creating a magnifier effect. Place your image once Just, and the template can do the zoom and blurring effect for you.

Both iMac and MacBook Air templates are excellent for revealing any web page design with a clean and professional look.

Vertex WordPress Theme pack includes both Android and iOS device lockups for mocking up responsive websites and mobile apps.

The iPhones template features 3 overlapping devices that get tucked under underneath fold of the slider, perfect for showing off multiple screens of a mobile app or website.

Vertex WordPress Theme

Vertex WordPress Theme

Theme Features:

  • ePanelTheme Options
    • General Settings
    • Navigation
    • Ad Management
    • SEO Control
    • Layout
    • Colorizations
    • Support
    • Integration
  • Responsive Design
  • Secure and Valid Code
  • Complete Localization
  • Shortcodes
    • Buttons
    • Toggled Content
    • Tabbed Content
    • Image Slider
    • Slideshow
    • Boxes
    • Columns
    • Author Info
    • Tooltips
    • Testimonials
    • Password Protection
    • Social Media
    • Custom lists
    • Dropcaps
    • Quotes
    • Pricing tables
  • Page Templates
    • Image Gallery
    • Contact form
    • Sitemap
    • Full Width
    • Blog Feed
    • Multimedia Portfolio
    • Advanced Search
    • Member Login
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Support & Updates
    • Perpetual Updates
    • Timely Support
    • Documentation

Price: $69

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There is much to like about Vertex WordPress theme by ElegantThemes, which has been carefully crafted with blog and portfolio design in mind.
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