The Ark Creative WordPress Theme

The Ark Creative WordPress Theme

ARK WordPress Theme is next-level WordPress theme. Best for Companies, Barbers, Fitness center, Fitness, Restaurants, Cafe, Chapel, Photographers and Photography, Bistro, Building, Parallax Effects, Films, Videos, Woo Business stores, Fashion, Sites, Portfolio, Stars, Dentist, Law, Attorneys, Medical Doctors, Treatment centers, Stores, FOOD MARKETS, Freelancer, Web Creator, App Designer, Mobile Apps, Scientists

Adored by agencies and can be offered by WordPress rookies at same time. The edge was pushed by us of technology limits.

You are able to anywhere change anything. ARK WordPress Theme allows to set paddings, margins, backgrounds, custom JS and CSS codes for every breakpoint. This is easy for first time, can’t be explained, must be observed.

ARK WordPress Theme is easy to customize every right part of your site. Headers, footers, titlebars, blog archives, blog one, portfolio archives, profile single, search, etc

Strike this button, your contractor is saved trough AJAX and front-end is refreshed in same time automatically. No waiting!

ARK WordPress Theme comes with 50 slot machines for keeping colors, works like “variables”. The color is changed by you once, globally, change everywhere appears.

200+ pre-build elements. Average component has 1500+ options for customization. Well organized, well though trough, easy and nice to utilize. Superfast insertion, fulltext search

Every element has CSS styles for dark / light text color. Change them with 1 click just, arranged advanced inheritance if needed.

The global worlds innovative engine for backgrounds, can be put into every component or its part.

Vertical centering of content is a taboo in CSS basically. It was changed by us! Enabled by one-click. Could be set for each breakpoint.

Create impressive and nice fullscreen areas at the websites. For example, collection the height of your section as a 100% of windows elevation and deduct -90px for your navigation menu.

Create amazing forms, style them, customize them and hook the sending actions with your analytics even

Focus on 20 blog variants and increase it to 1000s. Reorder your loop elements as you are fitted by it. Customizing post-meta is fairly easy. Cant be described, you have to view it.

We realize how important is to fit your websites tone with a proper font, so you will choose from 800+ free fonts or upload your own font if needed even. We ensured to add all styling configurations as well, in conjunction with complete responsive options that alllows you to truly have a different style for different devices. A straightforward example is you that can have a big left-aligned text on desktop that will transform into small and center-aligned text message on mobile.

Yes, standard top, modern still left or old-school right. In ARK WordPress Theme, you may use each one of these common placements for your Navigation and Header. They can scroll with you as well or stay fixed on top just. Different logos can be established for different devices. You can tweak all the colors. As well as for better comfort, we’ve created 15+ most popular Header designs, which are pre-installed in the theme already.

ARK WordPress Theme is comes with 5+ breadcrumbs elements, that allows you to customize all the tiny details. Featured images as a history are a pleasant feature. But let your visitors find out about your latest advertising campaign or what’s just trendy and popular on your website by turning the titlebar into a banner area. And everything titlebars are editable with Fresh Builder fully.

Customize your Footer by inserting your address, map, contact page or a subscription form even. If you’re lacking any special features, simply insert a widgetized use and area one of the numerous third party plugins as a widget. Not in creative feeling? Try one of our 8+ pre-installed Footer designs. All Footers are editable with Fresh Constructor as well fully.

ARK WordPress Theme includes several full site demos and we will work hard on creating more. You can install them using our built-in one-click installer easily. Please select one of the Demos below for a complete preview:

Our mission is to make ARK WordPress Theme better constantly, so our updates contain not only bugfixes, however they are filled with amazing new features as well. We measure and cut once double, so every upgrade is examined, to ensure it’ll work on your site smoothly.

Ark WordPress Theme

Ark WordPress Theme

Theme Features:

300+ Demo Pages
200+ Pre-built Section Blocks
WooCommerce and WPML
200 + Builder Elements
Every element has 1.500 + options
Insanely customisable.
Quick Save button
Keyboard Shortcuts
Right-click Context Menu
Libraries of pre-designed content
Copy, duplicate or disable Element(s)
Copy the whole Canvas
Global Color Library
Switch Dark/Light text color
Global Templates for content
TinyMCE editor for text formatting
One-click Demo Install
Fulltext search

Price: $19

Best WordPress Themes 2018
The Ark WordPress Theme is a creative and professional WordPress Theme for Agencies, Restaurants, Photographers, Parallax, Woo Commerce stores
User Rating: 4.5 ( 17 votes)

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