Modest WordPress Theme

Modest WordPress Theme

Modest WordPress theme has a beautiful homepage layout that contains only a little decoration without any complex color mix from Elegant Themes. The designer has reduced the decoration details to nearly zero, resulting in a pure and fresh WordPress theme that breathes new life into any site and make it genuinely beautiful.

Modest WordPress theme features specially established image slider and various other features that will definitely catch your eyes as well as your visitors. The theme turns your site into an amazing online presence with impressive functions in an elegant beauty.

Modest WordPress Theme homepage

The homepage of Modest theme is, as given by the name, modest at its best. The decoration is humble and the background has only a few details. The background is simple and white solid. This adds a feeling of transparency and refreshment to your site, which makes the site more professional-looking and more appealing to the eyes.

Besides, the content within your portfolio will be more focused and gain more attention easily. There is a photo slider at the upper part of the site. This slider shows featured photos and articles that you want to draw people’s eyesto. You can add as many articles as you want on the slider. This slider will still work perfectly and run smoothly as it is built with skillful technique and specialized web codes. Your photos will look cool on the slider.

Professional Design

Below the slider are some text areas where you can upload information and articles about your business or yourself. Many text widgets are available in the theme, helping to embellish your site professionally and intuitively. Modest template aims at professionalism, so what you will get from this theme is a professional website that stands out from the crowd in both beauty and functionality.

Modest theme allows you to adjust the themes to your preference with the ePanel theme options. Plentiful theme options are available for you, just click on the customization options and you will feel that this theme is your best investment ever. The theme helps you change the colors, theme organization, content arrangement and SEO options for your site.

Another highlight of the theme is the special shortcodes and page templates. You can use these features to build extra functional objects and stuff to embellish your site without any trouble with the web codes. It’s all just points and clicks.

Modest WordPress theme is more than what you read here. The theme provides high quality, security and excellent performance. Customer support is also excellent: quick to respond and very helpful. This theme is simple, yet very impressive and professional which are for most of Elegant Themes.

Modest WordPress Theme
Modest WordPress Theme

Modest WordPress Theme Features:

  • Browser Compatibility
  • Complete Localization
  • Five Unique Colors
  • Secure & Valid Codes
  • Shortcodes
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Theme Options
  • Perpetual Updates

Price: $89 for 90+ themes and plugins

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Modest WordPress Theme is a creative and responsive WordPress Theme for your blog and business websites. Modest theme comes with live demos.
User Rating: 4.5 ( 17 votes)

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