Cion WordPress Theme

Cion WordPress Theme

Cion WordPress Theme has a simplistic background that will leave deep impression on your visitors. There are no images, decorative textures or any decoration elements in the background of the theme. The background has a strong solid color that appears robust and sharp to the eyes of visitors. Elegant Themes design makes your blog site look simple and professional, no need for messy or redundant decoration.

The background of Cion also draws visitor’s eyes to the content displayed in the middle of the site. The content is arranged neatly and in decent organization that brings maximum comfort to people when browsing around your blog.

There is a set of featured articles at the top of the theme where you can display the posts that you want visitors to pay attention to. The main articles will display in a vertical layout with large title, thumbnail image and some brief texts. The neat organization will give visitors lots of comfort enjoying and reading articles on your site. With this style of layout, you can also turn your blog site into an online magazine where people can relax and enjoy the news. There are some widgets ready over Cion template that you can use to add some extra functional objects and sections to make your site more attractive and match with what people would expect of a great blog site.

Cion Easy to customise

Cion theme delivers much eases and comfort in customizing and managing elements of your blog site. You can adjust the theme to your own preference with the ePanel that holds so many theme customization options. You can change the background colors, edit content display to make you feel more cozy and convenient, edit the SEO options to make your site more approachable on search engines, and do many things else.

Shortcodes and page templates are also available to help you in the management without having to know any coding. You just have to click and enjoy. The shortcodes help you add some extra buttons and features to the pages of your blog site to make the site unique and feature-rich. Page templates are extra functional pages that you add to diversify the content and deliver professional features.

Cion WordPress theme is the best option you can make to turn your site into a sleek, professional and feature-rich blog site. The theme comes with beautiful layout, smart content arrangement, easy customization with lots of options, and many extra functional features. If you are building a blog site and want to make it stand out from the crowd, this template is suitable to you.

Cion WordPress Theme
Cion WordPress Theme

Cion WordPress theme Features:

  • Theme Options
  • Three Unique Colors
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Perpetual Updates
  • Shortcodes
  • Complete Localization
  • Secure & Valid Codes
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Page Templates

Price: $89 for 90+ themes and plugins

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Cion WordPress theme is built with a taste of professionalism in every element of the theme. It will turn your site into a decent blog site.
User Rating: 4.5 ( 17 votes)

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